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Remembering ROBERTO CAVALLI through his fashion; A Timeless, Unpredictable and Crazy Fashion Sense.

Updated: Apr 28

Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli takes models to the catwalks and actors to the red carpets with leopard-print dresses, jeweled jeans, satin corsets, and other flashy outfits. Roberto Cavalli’s unique and flamboyant style combines bold embroideries, luxurious materials, and intricate details. He has a particular affinity for animal prints, which he has incorporated into many of his collections, including his iconic leopard and snake prints. Its various brands, including Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli, and Roberto Cavalli Perfume, catered more to a bold and sexy audience.

Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence, Italy, in 1940. He was exposed to art and fashion at an early age, as his grandfather was a painter and his mother worked for a local textile company. After completing his studies in textile printing, Cavalli began working for several fashion houses, including Hermès and Pierre Cardin.In 1970, Cavalli launched his own fashion line, which was initially focused on creating printed leather items, such as patchwork jackets and handbags. He quickly gained attention for his innovative designs, which combined bold prints, luxurious materials, and intricate details. Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli is the one who takes models to the catwalks and actors to the red carpets with leopard print dresses, jeweled jeans, satin corsets and other flashy outfits. By the '90s, he had moved on to billowing silk dresses, printed corset tops, and low-rise denim jeans that are still coveted among vintage-obsessed fashionistas to this day. He first made luxury denim clothes by adding lycra to the jeans to give them a polished look and make them look tighter and sexier. When model Naomi Campbell wore stretch jeans to a fashion show in 1993, they instantly became a global trend.

Flashy and Extreme

Nina Garcia, editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, says of Cavalli: “Roberto loved excess, but he never lost his perspective,” and adds: “Even when minimalism was at its peak, he believed in exaggeration. “He dressed us with the belief that life – and fashion – should be lived at full speed.” Roberto Cavalli, who wrote a fashion story with ups and downs for 50 years, passed away at the age of 83. Despite all the criticism, he never changed his line. She hasn't given up on designing clothes that give people the confidence to be the stars of their own lives.

2002 Spring


"It’s difficult to create fashion, you can't just learn it, you have to have fashion in your DNA."

Roberto Cavalli

Unforgettable Designs And Him

2000 fall-winter

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City wearing a vintage Roberto Cavalli dress.

Aaiyah’s animal print Robert Cavalli dress and more..

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