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Things You Should NOT Miss From The Latest Fendi - Emilio Pucci - Alexander McQueen Fashion Shows!

Fendi’s 2024-25 Fall/Winter Collection

The Fendi Women’s Fall/Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show took place during Milan Fashion Week. The show was held at its traditional venue in Milan, which was adorned with elegant silk curtains to add a theatrical ambiance. The atmosphere of the show was filled with influences of Rome; tulle and organza were embellished with prints inspired by the Galleria Borghese and the Chiesa di San Luigi dei Francesi. It was also noted that Fendi collaborated with Chupa Chups®, and the new Chupa Chups® lollipop holder was decorated with Selleria stitching. Behind the scenes, under the artistic direction of Kim Jones, a collection was presented that drew inspiration from the Fendi archives of 1984, blending London’s Blitz Kids, the New Romantics, the adoption of workwear, aristocratic style, and a mix of Japanese style.But it’s not all grandeur and stateliness. Fendi masterfully weaves in the rustic charm of country living. Imagine cozy evenings by the fireplace, wrapped in sumptuous fabrics. The collection features warm tones, plush textures, and tailored silhouettes that evoke comfort and sophistication.

Country Living Aesthetics

Fendi x Chupa Chups ®️

The pieces were a blend of Fendi’s storied craftsmanship and a forward-thinking approach to design. Luxurious fabrics met unexpected textures, creating a tactile experience that was as much about feeling as it was about seeing. From the intricate honeycomb- and intarsia-knit sweaters that draped effortlessly off the body to blouses that caressed exposed shoulders, the collection was a modern take on the romanticism of yesteryears. Sheer fabrics such as tulle and organza are adorned with artistic representations of a Veiled Female Figure and a Majestic Goddess’s Head, inspired by the treasures housed in the Galleria Borghese. I think that the sheer mesh clothing sort of showing the body is a very beautiful and flattering way to show some skin because a lot of times the structure of the mesh piece gives some shape. And it like, it sort of creates this filter over the body that looks beautiful, just looks beautiful. Showing skin, in general, is sort of inappropriate, and not classy, right? That's kind of a common belief. But the thing that I think is so special about the mesh pieces that I was seeing on the runway is that they were all very classy. The way that I saw mesh and skin being shown was very classy. Like it was shown in dresses that were gorgeous and like really they felt business. Celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Amber Valletta, Marisa Abela, Song Yuqi, IZA, Alessandra Mastronardi attended. The brand remains true to its roots while embracing change, crafting pieces that are timeless yet timely. It’s a collection that respects the past, celebrates the present, and anticipates the future—a true hallmark of Fendi’s enduring appeal.

Emilio Pucci 2024 Spring Ready-to-Wear

The Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2024 collection was unveiled in the heart of Rome, at the Palazzo Altemps, a place where art and history intertwine. The event showcased a collection filled with modern interpretations of Pucci’s iconic patterns, reflecting the brand’s vibrant and dynamic spirit. The Palazzo Altemps, with its elegant Renaissance architecture, provided a unique backdrop for the dazzling designs of the show. During the event, there was a harmonious blend of models and designs, creating an aesthetic experience that resonated with the atmosphere of the historical venue. Under the creative direction of Camille Miceli, the collection, titled “Very Vivara,” pays homage to the iconic Vivara print, first introduced in 1965. This season, the print takes on new life, adorning a range of luxurious women’s dresses and exclusive accessories. Each piece in the collection is a testament to the fusion of fashion and art, with geometric shapes and vivid colors enhancing the high-quality fabrics. The collection seemed to celebrate the unique beauty of Rome and the warmth of summer, with Pucci’s bold color palette and fluid fabrics. The collection features elegant caftans, colorful tops, and skirts with refined gabardine details, all designed for the Pucci woman who values comfort as much as style.

The highlight of the collection was its presentation at Palazzo Altemps near Piazza Navona, where the runway show unfolded. The event was a highenergy affair, opening with supermodel Christy Turlington and closing with the iconic Italian actress and model Isabella Rossellini. In the latest fashion trends, statement pieces like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and brooches have reached new heights of prominence. These accessories have become focal points, commanding attention. This summer, expect these oversized adornments to take center stage and sparkle like never before. Bold and voluminous, these jewelry items are distinguishing themselves within fashion collections. Miceli’s vision for Spring/Summer 2024 is clear: to revitalize the story of Emilio Pucci for a new generation without losing sight of the brand’s historical significance. The collection is a dialogue between history and revolution, offering fresh perspectives for long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2024-2025

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2024-2025: A New Chapter in Fashion

As the fashion world turned its eyes to Paris, the Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection made a striking impression. Under the creative direction of Seán McGirr, the show marked a new era for the iconic brand, intertwining homage and innovation with a distinct flair. The collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week, where McGirr’s vision for the brand came to life. The show was a tribute to the late Lee McQueen’s legacy, with the opening piece echoing the famous “The Birds” collection. A model adorned in shiny black laminated jersey presented a compressed silhouette that resonated with McQueen’s past masterpieces.

The venue, a disused railway shed, was reminiscent of the raw, unfiltered ambiance of McQueen’s original London shows. It set the perfect backdrop for McGirr’s interpretation, which drew inspiration from the hedonistic '90s. The collection captured the era’s rough glamour and damaged opulence, channeling the spirit of icons like Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse. McGirr’s designs played with contrasts—constriction versus liberation. Skinny-legged jeans were bound with lashings, while fur-like knitwear exploded from beneath tailored coats. Animal prints and punk-inspired details added a visceral energy, reflecting McGirr’s penchant for customization and repurposing. The finale, set to Enya’s “Orinoco Flow (Sail Away),” was a moment of spontaneity as a guest sang along, symbolizing the promise of a new chapter for Alexander McQueen. McGirr’s collection was a playful yet assertive showcase of a brand that honors its heritage while boldly stepping into the future. Overall, the dresses from the Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection were a celebration of the brand’s heritage, infused with Seán McGirr’s fresh perspective and creative vision.

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