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COACHELLA '24 - Who Wear What?

When one thinks of music festival fashion, Coachella is often the first word that comes to mind. Get ready to feast your eyes on the most fabulous Coachella looks from celebrities like Doja Cat and Hailey Bieber.” The music and arts festival took place April 12 to 14 for its first weekend of performances, then April 19 to 21 for its second weekend.

Coachella , known for its blend of brand activations, parties, and musical performances, features not only celebrities but also a vibrant fashion scene . Last weekend, attendees showcased a variety of looks, with some being opulent, others over-the-top, and a few surprisingly simple. The festival’s unique blend of extravagance and simplicity made for an unforgettable experience.

Last weekend’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Southern California was a star-studded affair, featuring performances by renowned artists like Doja Cat and Billie Eilish, with the surprise addition of Will Smith taking the stage. Billie Eilish surprised spectators by joining Lana Del Rey for the folk-rock singer’s first Coachella set since 2014. Mr. Smith, who started his career as a rapper, also shocked many in the audience by performing a rendition of his song “Men in Black” with dancers dressed as aliens during the reggaeton singer J Balvin’s set.

Despite being high-profile performers, Rihanna, ASAP Rocky, Taylor Swift, and Travis Kelce attended the festival as spectators, although neither couple could seamlessly blend in with the crowd.

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber

The festival in Indio, California, has long been associated with bohemian style and attire suited for the arid climate. However, this season, several beloved celebrities have infused their unique flair into the typical Coachella fashion. They’ve embraced the popular cowboy fashion wave and introduced creative twists to traditional summer ensembles. Boots and bare legs were on full display.Sheer and see-through looks were a major fashion trend that came out of Coachella 2024.

Who Wear What?

During the first weekend of Coachella, Lana Del Rey fashioned two looks courtesy of Dolce&Gabbana.

The second of her two ensembles was a custom blue gown entirely embroidered with Swarovski crystal chains. The dress also featured sheer detailing throughout the skirt. Makeup artist Etienne Ortega gave Del Rey winged eyeliner and a nude lip.

The event that surprised everyone the most on Friday happened on the Lana Del Rey stage. The artist hosted Billie Eilish on his stage and they sang the songs Ocean Eyes and Video Games together. Lana’s first outfit was a special dress with tiny folds and a draped design, featuring openings decorated with shiny crystals.

She also wore a sheer fabric headpiece with lace details and leather footwear, also adorned with crystals. The second was a leather outfit with a skirt and jacket decorated with metal dots and hanging strips, and it had a belt with her name on it. She also wore a thin fabric headpiece with lace details and sparkly tall boots.

By Dolce&Gabbana

For her second look, She wore a custom jacket with decorative metal pieces and hanging threads, a folded skirt, and a lace outfit. Her accessories included a personalized belt with her name, made of plastic and shiny stones, a sheer headpiece with lace details, and boots covered in shiny stones. Styling: Molly Dickson

Coquette Queen: Lacey Mini Dress

At Coachella, Sabrina Carpenter rocked several outfit changes. For her second weekend at Coachella, she donned a delightful ensemble. Sabrina’s Coachella debut was a massive success both musically and sartorially. She embraced the coquette-core aesthetic, characterized by lace, hearts, and rhinestones.. Her baby blue mini dress featured a rhinestoneembellished bodice adorned with hearts. The skirt, pleated and lacy, had a daring micro-mini hemline. Sabrina leaned into the Bratz doll aesthetic, completing her look with reflective sunglasses and a cropped blue-and-white leather jacket.

Roberto Cavalli Chic

During her Coachella debut, Sabrina paid homage to the late designer Roberto Cavalli. Her first look featured a snakeskin jacket, bedazzled top, pleated skirt, and matching bejeweled underwear. Yes, she wore them all at once and rocked it! Her second designer number, also by Cavalli, was utterly “Feather”-coded. Plumes adorned her robe and the skirt of her dress, which boasted a heart-shaped bodice covered in crystals. Somehow, these seemingly disparate fashion pieces came together seamlessly on Sabrina.

Her boldest look during the first weekend featured a sparkly silver tank top and an ultra-short, pleated skirt. The tank revealed her lace bra with low-cut sides, and the skirt twirled as she performed, showcasing her bedazzled briefs. To complete the ensemble, she wore brown boots, and the whole look was designed by Roberto Cavalli.

The closing concert of the week was performed by Doja Cat. During one of her performances, she brought out A$AP Rocky and 21 Savage.

Doja Cat, the talented female rapper, recently made history as the first woman to headline Coachella. However, it’s her eye-catching onstage outfits that have truly captivated our attention. At Coachella 2024, Doja Cat’s stage outfits were a captivating blend of hair, fur, and hand-painted muscles. Staying true to her signature avant-garde style, she wore long flowing hair and had hairy backup dancers. And Doja Cat took the stage in a faux fur set, complete with matching boots. Doja adorned herself in long white hair extensions that cascaded down below her knees. She complemented this striking look with a neutral bodysuit and boots, both adorned with the same white hair detailing. The ensemble exuded an otherworldly and ethereal vibe, as if she had stepped out of a fantastical tale.

She had some insane ideas about hair, muscles, and bones,” explained Doja’s stylist Brett Alan Nelson in an April 15 interview with Vogue. “There was this idea of this world of masculinity, and playing with the risk factor of using materials and shapes that no one else would feel safe doing on stage.” In the same article, Doja revealed that she “wanted this show to feel like a textural fever dream. Almost like you’ve fallen into my hair and dove through my head and into my thoughts.” She added that her decision to wear synthetic materials like silicone and plastic is symbolic of a “‘scientific’ exploration of the self — a dissecting of the mind, and deeper understanding of what makes us the way we are.”

21 Savage and Doja Cat perform at Coachella

Paris Hilton: Glamorous Cowgirl

Paris Hilton, the original influencer, made a statement with her Coachella look. She donned a McGraw Black Onyx Cowboy Hat from 12th Tribe, pairing it with a black outfit and matching cowgirl boots. Paris reminded us that festival fashion is all about mixing glamour with desert flair.

Megan Fox: Cosmic Vibes

Megan Fox, known for her edgy style, made waves at Coachella 2024. She attended the CELSIUS Energy Cosmic Desert Event, debuting blue hair that perfectly complemented the celestial theme. Megan celebrated the CELSIUS Space Vibe Trilogy launch, proving that fashion and intergalactic vibes go hand in hand.

Mahmut Orhan

With two huge weekend programs, two artists from Turkey stand out in the Coachella 2024 artist list. Mahmut Orhan, who was announced to be at the festival in January, performed in front of thousands of people. It's great to see the audience dancing and it's enough to brag about Mahmut Orhan.

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