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Everything You Need to Know About Giorgio Armani - Rabanne - Di Pesta in MILAN & PARIS FASHION SHOW 24

Giorgio Armani | Spring Summer 2024

Giorgio Armani presents a Spring Summer 2024 collection that resonates with vibrant elegance and a fresh perspective on luxury. This season, the iconic designer takes inspiration from the natural world, infusing his creations with the essence of vibrancy and movement. The runway is filled with an atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the collection. The play of lights and colors provides an almost magical experience for the viewers. The

runway is illuminated with a color palette that seems to be taken straight from nature, and each outfit tells its unique story under the light. The collection is a masterful display of Armani’s signature aesthetic, where simplicity meets sophistication. The collection features flowing fabrics that gently embrace the body contours, offering freedom of movement. The dresses are adorned with patterns and textures inspired by the vibrancy and richness of the natural world. In particular, dresses in bronze and silver tones offer a sophisticated sheen, while those in shades of green and purple represent the depth of nature’s elegance.

The color palette is a thoughtful exploration of nature’s own hues, with an emphasis on bronze, silver, and a spectrum of greens and purples. These colors come alive on the runway, reflecting the light and creating a visual feast for the eyes. Armani’s vision for this collection is one of coherence and continuity, yet it is not afraid to embrace change. The result is a lineup of garments that feel both familiar and novel, a testament to the designer’s ability to evolve while maintaining his unique voice in fashion. The women’s collection is a celebration of fluidity and grace. Fabrics ripple and weave across the body, creating undulating silhouettes that move with the wearer. Each piece is a statement of refined taste, from the evening wear that glows with a subtle white luminescence to the casual ensembles that balance comfort with couture. For men, the Emporio Armani line continues to push boundaries with innovative design and fine materials. The Spring Summer 2024 collection features a mix of casual and formal wear, all crafted with the attention to detail that is synonymous with the Armani name. From wool-blend jackets with detachable inner panels to regenerated-leather sneakers with gradient eagles, the offerings are both sophisticated and contemporary. In conclusion, the Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2024 collection is a testament to the enduring power of fashion to inspire and transform. It is a collection that not only vibrates with the energy of the coming season but also echoes the timeless elegance that has defined the Armani legacy.

Rabanne | Fall Winter 2024

This year, Rabanne’s Fall Winter 2024 collection, masterfully crafted by Julien Dossena, stands out as a beacon of innovative design and intricate detail. The Rabanne Fall Winter 2024 show created a memorable scene at Paris Fashion Week. Held at the iconic Palais de Tokyo, the venue itself allowed for a unique interaction where young spectators could catch glimpses of the fashion show through the windows. Julien Dossena, the creative force behind the collection, infused it with authenticity and a touch of streetwear edge, incorporating the brand’s signature chainmail into everyday styles. The runway resonated with a sense of nostalgia, underscored by the melodies of Lisa Loeb and Yaz, setting a mood that complimented the clothing. The collection was a mix of comfort and audacity, featuring laid-back yet stylish pieces, alongside striking patterns and textures, all presented in a way that celebrated layering in a rebellious yet sophisticated fashion.

Designer Julien Dossena described the collection as ‘realistic and genuine,’ while bringing Rabanne’s iconic chainmail details into street fashion. During the show, models walked the runway to the nostalgic tunes of Lisa Loeb and Yaz. Additionally, the collection was noted to include comfortable and warm pieces, as well as bold plaid trousers, oversized blanket cardigans, and quirky yet delightful crystal-embellished socks, under the theme ‘reality on steroids.’ The event was defined as a subversive layering celebration, leaving behind Rabanne’s characteristic shine in favor of layers.” Dossena’s work is a collage of ideas, a meticulous assemblage that pieces together the multifaceted identity of the Rabanne woman. The runway was a parade of contrasts, where grunge met art school chic, and borrowed clothes mingled with vintage one-offs. Menswear influences were evident, softened by the touch of 1970s graphic design, creating a composite character who is both intimate and elaborate. The Rabanne woman is not static; she is dynamic, a composite of her experiences and the world around her. This collection is her narrative, told in fabric and thread, metal and mesh. As we look ahead to the colder months, Rabanne has set the tone for a season of self-expression and reinvention. The Fall Winter 2024 collection is not just a line of clothing; it’s a call to embrace our complexities, to layer our lives with the richness they deserve. Models such as Mika Schneider, Steinberg, Apolline Rocco Fohrer, Loli Bahia, and Alix Bouthors took part in the fashion show. Celebrities such as Barbara Palvin, Thylane Blondeau, Latto, and Maya Jama attended

Di Petsa |Spring Summer 2024

A Journey Through Love and Self-Discovery As the fashion world turns its gaze to the future, Di Petsa’s Spring Summer 2024 collection emerges as a beacon of innovation and introspection. Greek designer Dimitra Petsa, known for her signature ‘wet look’ designs, has wowed audiences again. The collection, unveiled in the historic Old Selfridges Hotel, draws profound inspiration from Greek mythology, particularly the enchanting figure of Aphrodite. Petsa’s work is a modern-day ode to “The Birth of Venus,” exploring the complexities of love as we transition from the innocence of childhood to the conditional affections of adulthood.

Dimitra Petsa has introduced new designs that go beyond the famous wet-look outfits worn by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, FKA Twigs, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, and Doja Cat. Models such as Georgia Moot, Ayfer Rourke, Memphis Murphy, and Adual Akol appeared on the podium.

She introduces a series of swimsuits and knit dresses that shimmer in gold, silver, and earthy tones, their textures reminiscent of sea moss and foam. These pieces, crafted from sustainable materials like cotton discards, reflect Petsa’s commitment to environmental consciousness without sacrificing her aesthetic vision.

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