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Puma's Unique New Beauty: Rosé

PUMA x Rosé

  This time our fashion wave comes from a little far away, a little from the east; I guess this is a bit of a sporty wave. Our main character in this article is Rosé from the famous Blackpink group. Each member of this group, which has a truly special audience, is loved individually. Rosé is just one of these successful beauties. Oops, we forgot to add; Moreover, she is the new face of Puma!

   Puma's sporting past still shines. This brand, which has touched everyone's life since 1948, has become one of the indispensable pieces of everyone from 7 to 70 with its unique Puma designs that can appeal to everyone. By collaborating with so many famous names that we cannot remember their names, it has always proven its reliability to consumers and the timelessness of sports fashion.


PUMA x Rosé

The shots taken within the framework of the collaboration look simple, stylish and sporty. You know Puma's classic lines, and even though its colors and curves change, you will understand that it belongs to Puma. You will feel relieved the moment you see the single-coloured puma rearing you upwards, painted on a plain color background, without having to look at the lines anyway. We see one of the classic black and white striped cardigans on Rosé. While blue denim sportswear, which is used in favor of simplicity, carries its sportiness to a daily stylish sportiness, a choice is made in favor of classics when it comes to sneakers.

   This ambassadorship of Rosé will be dedicated to furthering the timelessness of the classics through its "Rewrite the Classics" program. While Puma expressed its happiness in welcoming the successful singer to the Puma family, Rosé had the same opinion: "I am very excited to join the Puma family. I can't wait for my fans to join me in my next phase with Puma."

Digital Media Specialist: Ahmet Ertuğrul Efe Yontan

Project Manager: Mert Yontan

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