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Updated: May 30

This year, Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection hosted by Barcelona, the unique city of Spain, signed by the French-Belgian-born fashion designer Nicholas Ghesquiere, whose fashion show was held recently, will blow the winds of fashion in 2025. You will definitely want to learn the details of this eye-catching fashion show where many elements come together.


 Our designer has been proving himself every time by being the women's creative director of Louis Vuitton since 2013, and continues to fascinate everyone with his choice of location and story. Parc Guell, designed by Antoni Gaudi, the face of Catalan modernism, reflects the spirit of Ghesquire. It manages to reflects the image of local Spain in a very impressive way, not only by adapting the Parc Guell, but also by looking at sources such as the famous artists Goya and Velasquez. Ghesquiere , who says that this fashion show is another travel notebook and that he has been writing about this travel with Louis Vuitton for 10 years, embodies this statement with the models passing through the famous cave walkways before entering the Hyposteel Room of the venue.

 Under the colorful embroidered domed ceilings and magnificent columns, the stars in the front seats watched this extraordinary fashion show with admiration. Celebrities reflected their astonishment with these sentences, saying that the architecture literally represented Nicholas with its ceramic details, that they went on a time journey through the fabrics, and that they felt as if they had never seen these shapes before in their lives.


The color palette could only fit the spirit of the 80s so well. It not only touches the atmosphere of the 80s but also resonates its lower notes. The color palette that welcomes us with cream colors is replaced by a more neutral cream color and surrenders itself to gray, and black tones begin to catch your eye. Additionally, the shoulder pads that integrate with the body reveal Nicholas's genius tailoring. And the palette gets complex... Black and gray, gray and white, red and gold, purple and black... But the harmony remains same. The fluffy designs that fully enliven the cloth look very interesting. In addition to the fluffy striking fabrics, the transparent dress details that extend to the floor are quite dazzling. Swinging skirts where various geometric patterns come to life... Spain's 80s have never been this glamorous. And without even mentioning the complementary accessories.

Accessories are indispensable elements of a combination. The accessories of the fashion show were so in harmony with the designs that Nicholas strikingly revealed the indispensable items. Saying that the fedora hat era is starting again, our designer has added a completely different dimension to futurism with bags that draw attention with their cubic forms and glasses surrounding mirrored eyes. We should not forget the sparkling gold details. The golden details attached to the edges and middle of the bags with the logo make you feel like you belong there. Of course, we can sometimes see the legendary logo of Louis Vuitton as a fabric pattern. Cubic forms are not limited to bags, but also shoes and boots. While pointed-toed shoes appear on shoes, tassels also begin to appear on boots, and the visual feast continues. The shoes, which are an extremely stylish complement, also look very comfortable because there is no room for those pointed heels we are used to in this fashion show.

Digital Media Specialist: Ahmet Ertuğrul Efe Yontan

Project Manager: Mert Yontan

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