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Be Free with BOHEMIAN Style This Summer!


Oh this is the 21st century! We are at the very center of consumption frenzy; Everything is born, grows and dies. We said everything, but sometimes there are some sectors where time stands still, like fashion. Clothes, styles that come out every season and trends that sometimes change without even waiting for a new season... The world of fashion is just as variable, but there are some styles that carry the flag of disorder in this order: Bohemian style.

   This style, which has started to be seen frequently in many brands in the summer of 2025, will make us feel the book of timelessness in this summer heat. Bohemian, which has always taken its place in the fashion world, actually started to emerge in the spring of last year, not this year. But this was not enough as the breeze continues sweetly.



Originating in France, bohemian means a wanderer who lives in the moment. The reason for the emergence of the style comes from the French Revolution, which we consider to be the revolution of the world. Of course, this style, which did not appear on clothes at first, was processed as a philosophy of life in the past. Afterwards, you will appreciate that it is distributed in all areas of life. As you can see, those patches made on clothes in the past have become a movement representing freedom as time goes by.

   The same freedom was reflected in the clothes, bringing with it. The beauties of nature bloomed in fabric patterns and gave life to these patterns with their colors. Bohemian, where vibrant colors and striking asymmetrical shapes dance in harmony, could not fit into clothes and continued to liberate itself with tassels.

   We say that accessories complement every combination, but bohemian style is such a style that you can complete your combinations with every piece, but you can't just complete it. Bohemian no matter what he does, he takes over your combination and plays the leading role. Of course, we can say the same things about accessories bathed in bohemian freshness. Free designs ranging from bags to necklaces highlight your creativity in a unique way. Wooden bead details, metal medallions or cork heels; Whichever you want to choose. You can liberate your style with any bohemian touches you wish.


Digital Media Specialist: Ahmet Ertuğrul Efe Yontan

Project Manager: Mert Yontan

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