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RALPH LAUREN: Classy,Chic,Cowgirl

The catwalk was transformed into an elegant space that mirrored the refined ambiance of a Manhattan art gallery. It was adorned with polished chrome highlights, contemporary cantilever chairs, and rich mahogany finishes, all reflecting the same tasteful design found in Mr. Lauren’s nearby office. Overhead, the glow of hanging pendant lights cast a cozy, inviting glow, setting a romantic mood. The walls, adorned with a curated selection of art, spoke to the designer’s unique and intricate taste — a blend of diverse, thoughtful, and intimate touches that make his style unmistakable.

Ralph Lauren presented his label’s Fall/Holiday 2024 collection today in his private New York City design studio, the same venue as his first women’s show in 1972. In the show notes, the designer shared, “The woman I design for has a beauty that comes from an inner confidence. She dresses for herself. Her style is personal and bold. She’ll throw a hand-tailored jacket over a glamorous evening dress. She believes in quiet sophistication not defined by time or trends.

Turlington graced the scene with impeccable tailoring, sporting a crisply knotted tie that was smartly slipped into her trouser waistband. Complementing her ensemble was an RL 888 leather tote, its buff gray hue in perfect harmony with her attire.

On the autumn catwalks, neckties and structured suits made frequent appearances, signaling a trend. Yet for Lauren, these elements are timeless classics, not mere seasonal whims. He revisits and refines these staples with the same dedication a performer would invest in mastering their script, ensuring they remain enduring symbols of elegance and authority.

If we look at the color scale in the collection, it consisted of neutral and metallic colors; it ranged from light skin tone to caramel mahogany and black, but generally, earth tones were prominent. Heavy embellishments were flashy, without using exaggerated, bright, and garish colors, the attention was entirely on the classic silhouettes. The appearance was completely faithful to the originality of Ralph Lauren’s aesthetics. And as a result, it managed to reflect the luxurious yet subtle style of a timeless woman.

Digital Media Specialist: Ahmet Ertuğrul Efe Yontan

Project Manager: Mert Yontan

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