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Cruise collections, inspired by the transition of seasons, typically feature lighter jackets, sandals, and shorts. Designers favor lightweight fabrics such as silk and linen when craing these collections. Moreover, luxury fashion houses present these collections in various unique locations around the world, showcasing them in extraordinary concepts.

As the gentle sea breeze waed through the open space, the presentation unfolded, a harmonious blend of relaxed sophistication and maritime allure. The collection was a tribute to the tranquil shores, with each piece echoing the rhythmic lull of the waves. Boldly breaking away from its deep-rooted tradition, it was introduced against the windy backdrop of Marseille’s iconic Cité Radieuse. This fashion show, a demonstration of the power of fashion and nature, was proof of creative director Virginie Viard’s vision of blending Chanel’s classic style. The collection itself was a dialogue between delicate and creatively extraordinary, traditional and contemporary. Tweed shorts, terry cloth tunics, and black surf shoes appealed to a younger, bolder democracy, while white cotton and lace dresses evoked the taste of the old city.

“I was inspired by the codes of lifestyle, of everyday life, and by all the things that invite movement. The sea and the wind made me want to play with wetsuits,” Viard wrote in her collection notes.

The presentation was infused with subtle nods to the seaside, exuding a laid back and chic vibe. The collection showcased easygoing tweed ensembles, tastefully alluring swimwear, crisp denim, and intricate touches such as eyelet embroidery, neoprene hoods, and snap fasteners. It captured the essence of cosmopolitan art aficionados taking a leisurely break by the sea. The CHANEL CRUISE 2025 event was graced by celebrities like Phoebe Tonkin, Lily-Rose Depp, and Marion Cotillard, adding glamour to the show’s underwater-inspired collection.

And now, it drew attention to the city’s unique beauty and energy, which perfectly harmonized with the spirit of the collection. It’s a collection that aims to envelop the wearers in the luxury of Chanel’s timeless designs while transporting them from the bustling streets of a Mediterranean city to the tranquil shores of a summer getaway.

Digital Media Specialist: Ahmet Ertuğrul Efe Yontan

Project Manager: Mert Yontan

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