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As the stars descended upon the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the 2024 Met Gala, all eyes were on Zendaya. Zendaya does it again,gorgeous look with earthy tones, the makeup on point, and she was definitely on theme!

She did not take the theme lightly and opted for the gothic dress designed by John Galliano for the Christian Dior Spring 1999 collection. She does a very good job of blending points like theme, concept, and high fashion. The theme for this year’s gala was “Garden of Time,” and Zendaya, serving as a co-chair, blossomed into the theme with a mesmerizing ensemble.

Her first outfit was a custom Maison Margiela gown, a dark, romantic creation by John Galliano. The deep blue and dark green striped organza gown was a nod to the Victorian era, with metallic green bunches of grapes, flowers, and blue birds adorning it, bringing the garden theme to life.And the makeup done by the one and only Pat Mcgrath.

But the surprises didn’t stop there. Zendaya unveiled not one, but two looks for the evening. Her second attire was a dramatic black gown from Givenchy’s spring 1996 haute couture collection, paired with an enormous floral headpiece that seemed to crown her the queen of the night.

The flower bouquet from the Alexander Mcqueen s/s 2007 collection by Philip Treacy. Her every step was a reminder of why she is a true style icon, and her Met Gala 2024 looks will undoubtedly be remembered as some of her best.


Tyla, the South African singer-songwriter, made a grand entrance that captured the essence of ephemeral beauty and the relentless march of time.

Clad in a Balmain creation, Tyla’s gown was a marvel of fashion and artistry. The dress, inspired by the concept of ‘The Sands of Time,’ was a testament to the intricate crasmanship of Balmain’s atelier. The sandy hourglass silhouette of the gown was not just a nod to the theme but also a celebration of the fleeting moments that fashion encapsulates.

The gown’s fragility was such that Tyla had to be carried up the Met’s famous steps, a scene that became one of the night’s most talked-about moments.

The dress itself was a canvas of sand and micro crystal studs, pressed directly onto fabric shaped by a plaster cast of Tyla’s own bodice. This innovative technique not only ensured a perfect fit but also created a visual representation of time’s granular nature. The Balmain atelier’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion was evident in every grain of sand that adorned the gown.

To complement her look, Tyla’s accessories were carefully chosen to enhance the theme. A gold choker necklace, statement rings, and drop earrings with a turquoise stone added a touch of opulence to the ensemble. Even her manicure was in sync with the overall aesthetic, with grains of sand carefully placed on her shoulders and arms. Tyla’s Met Gala look was a true spectacle, a blend of art and fashion that will be remembered for years to come. It was a reminder that fashion is not just about clothing; it’s about storytelling, and Tyla told a story that resonated with the theme and the audience alike.

3-Emma Chamberlain

This year, Chamberlain embraced the gala’s theme, “Garden of Time,” with a stunning gothic twist that resonated with the event’s celebration of fashion’s timeless beauty.

Emma Chamberlain wearing custom Jean Paul Gaultier fall 2003 couture!! Craed by the visionary Jean Paul Gaultier, Chamberlain’s custom gown was a masterpiece of modern gothicism. The dress, a sheer marvel of design, featured a strapless corseted bodice adorned with ivy-like lace tendrils that wrapped around her arms, culminating in a tulle train that whispered tales of a bygone era. The intricate lace work, reminiscent of the delicate decay of nature’s underbelly, was a bold statement of both beauty and transience.

Chamberlain’s look was described as ‘decaying’ — a fitting metaphor for the ephemeral nature of beauty and the relentless march of time. The gown took an astonishing 640 hours to create, a testament to the meticulous crasmanship and dedication to haute couture that Gaultier is renowned for.

Accessorizing her look with a diamond statement necklace and earrings, Chamberlain’s ensemble was a harmonious blend of the past and the present. Her hair, styled in a sleek updo, and the dark glam makeup further accentuated her edgy yet sophisticated presence on the red carpet.

Emma Chamberlain, known for her unfiltered vlog content, has seamlessly transitioned into a fashion powerhouse, becoming a staple at the Met Gala.

4-Gigi Hadid: A Timeless Garden in Bloom

As the stars descended upon the Met Gala 2024, the theme of “The Garden of Time” transformed the iconic steps into a temporal floral fantasy. Among the constellation of celebrities, Gigi Hadid emerged as a vision of timeless elegance, her ensemble a perfect embodiment of the evening’s theme.

Craed by the renowned designer Thom Browne, Gigi’s attire was a masterpiece of haute couture, a testament to the artistry and meticulous crasmanship that fashion embodies. The dress, an off-the-shoulder corseted creation, featured exaggerated hips and a tiered skirt that cascaded down in layers of ethereal fabric. Each layer was adorned with hand-embroidered yellow flowers, a nod to the vibrant blooms that grace the gardens of yesteryears.

The construction of this sartorial wonder was no small feat! Over 70 artisans dedicated more than 13,500 hours to bring this vision to life, a labor of love and a celebration of the intricate beauty of haute couture. The corset alone was a canvas for over 2.8 million micro bugle beads, each one meticulously placed by hand to create a shimmering effect that mirrored the morning dew on petals at dawn.

Gigi’s beauty look complemented her gown with equal grace. Her makeup was a delicate balance of bold and so, with a striking red lipstick that stood out as a modern touch amidst the retro-inspired look.

Gigi Hadid graced the event with her dress signed by Thom Browne and a Hollywood haircut. Such a chic and classy look. Looks amazing, it has great effect and with the hair and makeup, it looks very together. It was a night where Gigi, much like the flowers adorning her dress, blossomed into a timeless icon of style and grace.

5-Kendall Jenner

Adorning an archival Givenchy gown, Kendall stepped onto the red carpet in a creation that was as much a piece of history as it was a fashion statement. The gown, originally designed by Alexander McQueen in 1999, featured a deep-V neckline and a sheer hip V that brought a daring edge to the classic silhouette. The dress’s intricate beading and flared trumpet shape spoke volumes of the crasmanship and vision that McQueen was renowned for.

Kendall’s choice to wear this particular gown was a bold move, as it had never been worn before, having only been displayed on a mannequin. This decision not only honored McQueen’s legacy but also highlighted the timeless nature of his designs. The model herself expressed that the dress was “meant to be,” fitting her perfectly without any need for alterations—a serendipitous match that seemed destined for the Met Gala’s celebration of time.

Complementing her gown, Kendall’s beauty look was understated yet impactful. Her hair, styled in long, waist-length locks, exuded a retro vibe that paired beautifully with the historic dress. Her makeup was kept simple, allowing her natural beauty and the gown’s details to take center stage.

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Project Manager: Mert Yontan

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