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Orebella and her Outfits for the Launch Week

Bella Hadid Unveils Orabella: A Scented Symphony for the Skin

Bella’s personal touch is evident in every aspect of Orabella! She describes fragrance as a central part of her life, a tool for empowerment and self-expression. These scents are a blend of her past, present, and future—a universe of memories and aspirations distilled into bottles.

Orabella, pronounced ‘aura-bella’, is a play on words that captures the essence of the brand—products that are meant to enhance not just the skin but the aura of the individual.

It can be said that among the things we know about, it offers a wide range of products including perfumes, scented lotions, body and face oils, softly scented shampoos, hair creams, and room fragrances.

The oils and scents in the bottle need to be shaken to be fully activated. Through the shaped bottle, you can see the separation of the oils. The scent at the moment it is applied can be completely different from the scent that emerges after the oils settle in a few hours

The debut collection is a trio of perfumes, each telling its own story. 

Window2Soul is a sheer floral blend of jasmine, rose, and tonka bean, evoking a sense of openness and clarity. Salted Muse, with its woody marine notes of sea salt, olive tree, and cedarwood, calls to the adventurous spirit, grounded yet free. And, Blooming Fire, a warm floral mix of monoi, bergamot, and patchouli, ignites the passion within, a bold statement of presence and power.

But Orabella is more than its enchanting aromas. It’s a brand that speaks to the conscious consumer. The perfumes are alcohol-free, a nod to the wellness movement and a commitment to gentleness on the skin. The transformative bi-phase formula, featuring the 'ôrelixir™, marries nourishing ingredients with aura-elevating scents, creating a product that cares for the skin as it captivates the senses.

As Orabella makes its mark on the beauty landscape, it invites us to “reveal our alchemy,” to find the magic within and express it outwardly. It’s a call to embrace our individuality, to nourish our skin and our souls with the art of fragrance.

Let's take a look at the looks of Bella Hadid, who did not compromise on her elegance during Orabella's launch week!

Bella Hadid wearing vintage Roberto Cavalli SS/2003
Saint Laurent SS/1999
Rokh FW/2024
Vintage Christian Dior SS/2004

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