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In the vibrant tapestry of the music industry, a new star is making waves with her unique blend of talent and tenacity. Tyla, the South African sensation, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with her hit single “Water,” and her recent interview with Cosmopolitan offers an intimate glimpse into her journey.

After Tyla's popular song 'Water' hit the internet last summer, the warm unique vibe of the song slowly started to push her to the top. The accompanying choreography spawned a whole pop culture moment of its of on Tiktok. Everyone

stopped and watched Tyla, especially when her song 'Water' became a hit on TikTok. There was something different about her, his unique energy and enthusiasm. And it also just feels like you’re having so much fun.

We quickly fell in love with this new global pop star from South Africa. And as a proud member of South Africa's colorful community, she won a Grammy for her brilliant, brand-new self-titled debut album just by being herself. Even though we live in an era where every trending song is consumed too quickly, Tyla is preparing for a kind of

stardom and lasting power that we rarely see today.” The reason she has made such an impact on us is particularly because her success story is unique to her; she didn’t emerge from the Western Hollywood scene or anywhere else. That girl, Tyla, doesn’t fit neatly into any categories, and that’s what makes it enjoyable.

She brings that wonderfully unpolished energy as we speak about her journey to get here—and why this moment is so distinctly hers.She is not a conceited rookie or a bewildered foreigner. She is composed and self-aware, entering every room as if she belongs because she knows herself.

They asked Tyla for her Cosmopolitan magazine interview; Tell me the story behind “Water.” Did you always know it would be huge?

I recorded it in a bedroom. I never thought This song is going to blow up. And then I started performing it and seeing everyone singing every word. And I knew it was something bigger than what we thought. People from everywhere are listening to it and dancing to it, no matter their age. There’s babies, there’s old people. I just love that it’s an African sound that is so universal.

They asked Tyla if she was Illuminati and if she wasn't, could it be verified?
She stated that she knew most people thought that was the only way, but for her, it wasn't that way. 'God is at the center of everything we do and it clearly works' she added.

From Dreams to Reality

Growing up, she used to be the entertainer at family gatherings. She would perform for them every time. ‘Let’s gather around,’ they’d say, ‘Tyla is going to sing!’ She would sing songs by Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Adele. He loved Adele’s songs. And Whitney. ‘This girl isn’t playing with us!’ Even if she felt embarrassed sometimes, she would do it because he did it with love. She grew up a bit reluctantly. She would sign up for school competitions and talent shows to showcase herself. When she was little girl, she would always say, ‘I’m going to be a pop star.’ Her family thought this phase would pass. But for Tyla, this wasn’t just a feeling; it was an inner voice, an inner peace.

"It’s been hours and hours of watching YouTube, thinking, ‘How are we going to bring back pop stars?" -Tyla

I never had an example of how to be an African pop star. So I was literally shooting in the dark. And I know people think it came out of nowhere and we are just industry plants. But it’s been years of work, years of developing, of falling, of messing up, o f dreaming, sitting up for hours and hours watching YouTube videos, thinking, How are we going to bring back pop stars?5 When I was younger, I would always speak about pop culture and what we would like to see from artists and what’s missing.’ she said.

Versace shirt. Misho earrings. Harwell Godfrey necklace and ring.

Fashion and Influence

Tyla’s artistic expression reflects a deep understanding of her craft’s evolution. Her distinctive fashion choices, characterized by daring slits and midriff-baring tops, echo the iconic trends set by pop sensations of the late 1990s and early 2000s. It’s evident that she has meticulously researched and embraced the aesthetic that defined an era, infusing it with her own modern twist. She stands at the intersection of nostalgia and innovation, channeling the spirit of her idols

while crafting a distinct identity.

As Tyla continues to navigate the complexities of fame, she remains grounded in her roots and focused on her goals. Her upcoming projects promise to deliver more of the captivating sound that has become her signature. With a blend of resilience and raw talent, Tyla is not just riding the wave of success—she’s creating it.

In conclusion, Tyla’s story is one of inspiration, illustrating that with passion and hard work, dreams can indeed become reality. Her interview with Cosmopolitan is a reminder that the journey of an artist is as compelling as the art they create.

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