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Capture the Optimism of Youth: PRADA SS 2025 MENSWEAR


  Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons must be celebrating their 4th anniversary because the glamor of this fashion show is only fit for this celebration!

   Milano shined with simplicity and flaws in details in this spring-summer collection. Even though the collections change their names and styles each time, the venue never gets old. For this collection, the fashion show started in a small white house with a tiny roof. The podium, surrounded by white fences, wound its way towards the audience step by step. Only. It not only reached out but also gave a message: "the optimism of youth". "Sometimes as you get older you start to think too much and limit yourself. When you're young you just go." Raf Simons.


The fashion show actually starts quite simply. We are not always used to this simplicity, but of course we are always used to elegance. While fabric trousers with two buckles fall nobly to the floor, flat-soled shoes catch our eye. I think this model of shoes must have come out of the 90s so that it could reflect timelessness so well. These flat soles, which look extremely simple and stylish, are decorated with silver triangular details as time progresses. Is it a reference to Prada's truncated triangle logo?

   Paper-thin, slightly wrinkled long suits or cropped jackets? You decide. However, if you are trying to decide in this fashion show, you will have a little difficulty.


  The abundance of thin sweaters attracts our attention on the catwalk. If you think that these sweaters, where contrasts are used magnificently, are only roasted with contrasting colors, you are wrong, because the inverted triangular open windows on the back will let you get some fresh air. Neon contrasts do not only impress you in color harmony, they also bring life to coveralls. And then we see more polo necks, all worn under sweaters. No, wait, they are a whole!

But what about pressures? If Picasso were a fashion designer, I'm sure his prints would be no different from these designs, but the inspiration for these prints is Bernard Buffet.

   The patterns and colors of the shirts are dazzling. It gives the collection the sweetness of spring. Bags that resemble small suitcases will remind you of summer, but these associations are so timeless that you can feel Prada's timelessness in every season.


Digital Media Specialist: Ahmet Ertuğrul Efe Yontan

Project Manager: Mert Yontan

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