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Bridgerton’s Dazzling Fashion


The Costume Feast of the Third Season

Bridgerton’s third season is once again at the pinnacle of the fashion world with its eye-catching costumes. This season is brimming with magnificent costumes that enrich the depths of the characters and the flow of the series. The costume design team embraced the opportunity to add their own creativity to the series with great enthusiasm.

Penelope’s costumes this season reflect her evolution in the series. Moving away from bright floral patterns and bold colors, Penelope’s attire now offers a more elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. New Costume Designer John Glaser notes, “We’re not giving a history lesson here; this is a fantasy world,” highlighting that the series’ costumes are known for modern touches, exaggerated embellishments, and vibrant color palettes.


Glaser and his team have created striking costume designs by combining historical and modern elements rather than historical accuracy. While the costumes follow the silhouettes of the period, they combine different fabric layers for rich textures and dynamic designs instead of period-specific materials, and they use 3D printing technology in some details.

Penelope’s dresses are detailed like a painter’s canvas with multi-layered fabric craftsmanship. Glaser, who says that this season’s costumes are designed to reflect color transitions and seasonal changes, aims to provide a gentle transition with the ombré effects in the costumes.

The third season of Bridgerton presents old Hollywood glamour and the Marlboro Man style with a modern interpretation. The costumes are not just a visual feast but also play a key role in telling the characters’ stories. The innovative approach of the costume design team and their contemporary interpretation of period dramas make Bridgerton stand out in the fashion world.

For the new season, they wanted Penelope’s clothes to look really attractive and strong. Glaser knew people expected a lot from him to make Penelope’s style fit well with the fancy look of the show. Penelope has grown up a lot, and so has her old friend Colin Bridgerton, who she secretly likes. Colin is played by Luke Newton. In this season, they start to see each other differently, like they’re seeing each other for the first time.


“She’s never worn a dark color, layers of fabric or metallics like that before, so we thought this was a chance to do that,” Glaser adds. “It was influenced from fashion in Paris at that time and that dress was good for that moment, but to follow that pattern for the rest of her clothes throughout the season would have been a detriment to all of us.”


Costume designer John is the brains behind the entire operation. “This is a show about beauty, glamour, enhancing the characters, and to help tell the story," he says in the video above, the latest installment of InStyle's Behind the Seams video series. "So, how we get there is not always in a traditional way but in an abstract way. We bring that abstract vision, and we focus it in."“It was just the beginning of our stock of clothing because we rented nothing. Everything was made. So, add up 7,500 pieces of gloves, shoes, shirts, dresses, petticoats, underwear, boots, hats,” Glaser says.

“It's the first time we see her new hair, which is a beautiful color of red. And in this dress, this fabric goes from green to rust to help with their hair. And that's why this cloak is rust. So it just becomes one nice solid image,” Glaser says.


Similarly, the team put thought into the way the new color palette for Penelope’s outfits would also reflect her character’s narrative arch as well. “Another point we wanted to make about the colors that we use for Penelope when it's softer is that we didn't want her to stand out. She's against the wall quite often gathering gossip. And so this kind of paler palette helps her sort of disappear into her surroundings,” Sayer says.


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Project Manager: Mert Yontan

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