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A Breeze from the 20th Century: FENDI MENSWEAR SS25 COLLECTION



Fendi Club doors open dramatically with the wave of the 1990s. This fashion show may be referring to the 100th anniversary celebrations, as it carries the breeze of 100 years ago. You will notice a different detail every time you look at the timeless designs bearing the signatures of Silvia Venturini Fendi. The details that have been researched from the archives, extending from the past to the future and shaking us between the present, have been handled extremely cleverly and give us a bright smile on the podium. "I wanted to talk about codes and symbols," Venturini Fendi said. That's exactly what he's talking about. 

Silvia Venturini Fendi
Silvia Venturini Fendi

As men's creations gradually appear, you may have noticed the flamboyant elegance of the exaggerations, but Fendi offers you a completely different experience. You will find peace while traveling in time with eye-soothing color palettes. We are fascinated by the color scale, from cream tones to aqua greens, to fabrics adorned with noble tones of blue, from the points where yellow meets mustard to the simplicity of black.

   In the series of designs that started to come to life with extremely casual trench coats and checkered trousers, flat-soled shoes look just as casual, but when we look closer, the luxurious details that are embroidered instead of plain leather patterns stand out. Of course, not only flat soles shake the podium, slowly rising heels maintain their order very well.


FENDI Spring/Summer 25 Menswear

Let's get lost in the details Fendi mentioned. No matter how eye-catching every detail of each combination is, skillfully crafted bags attract a different attention. While leather handbags take double-breasted suits to different dimensions with their tones and structure, crocodile leather details bring a new breath to the leather theme. Afterwards, logos printed on the bags begin to appear. While the squirrel figure carries the secrets of Fendi, the double-faced figure of Janus, the god of transition from the past to the future, explains with minimal cleverness where the fashion show extends from.

   Our designer explains why the buttons of the shirts defy gravity and fall off the shoulder sideways instead of falling straight down: "I wanted to liberate the shoulders."

   In this collection, which carries sportiness as well as elegance, jersey-type tops reveal timelessness once again, and the nobility of the past captures today's futurism from beginning to end. This is Fendi Menswear SS25

Digital Media Specialist: Ahmet Ertuğrul Efe Yontan

Project Manager: Mert Yontan

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